Underground Drainage

Enterprise Building Products offer a wide range of 110 mm underground drainage pipes and fittings designed for use in gravity drainage and sewerage installations at depths of up to ten metres.

All drainage pipes and the majority of fittings are manufactured from un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U).

Inspection chambers, 0-90° adjustable bend, gully traps and gully grids are manufactured from polypropylene.

We also offer a wide range of 160mm Underground Drainage

Features & Benefits

  • Provides an efficient means of waste water drainage and foul discharge from above ground drainage systems.
  • Manufactured in PVC-U to give a strong durable product, lightweight and easy to work with and suitable for high temperatures and waste discharge.
  • Fittings have an aesthetic modern look, are compact in size yet remain within the British Standard specification.
  • Push-Fit joint through an innovatively designed seal and snap cap system.
  • Comprehensive range of fittings to suit most installations and which integrate with all FloPlast Above and Below Ground Drainage Systems. olours available: Terracotta.

Underground Drainage application chart

Exploded Diagrams Underground Drainage