Kestrel Building Products manufacture a comprehensive range of PVC-UE and UPVC products.

Their offerings cover everything you need for versatile, high-performance, and practical building solutions.

Here’s a glimpse of their product range:

  • Fascias: Kestrel’s UPVC fascias provide durability, weather resistance, and a clean finish for your building exteriors.
  • Soffits: Complement your fascias with Kestrel’s UPVC soffits, ensuring a cohesive look and effective protection.
  • Cladding Systems: Enhance aesthetics and safeguard your building with Kestrel’s range of cladding solutions.

Kestrel Building Products

UPVC roofline, cladding, and fascias products from Kestrel are the ideal way to refurbish and protect your home.

Our products are robust, elegant, and require no maintenance. They include UPVC fascias, soffits, cladding, and rainwater systems available in an extensive selection of styles and colours.

What you get is long-lasting protection for your home.

UPVC building products from Kestrel will never warp, crack, peel, flake or rot.

You can say goodbye to getting up on ladders every autumn to make sure the water won’t get in.

You will have peace of mind that all previously known issues related to external timber have been resolved, ensuring that the roofline and UPVC cladding of your home’s exterior will maintain their aesthetic appeal consistently throughout the years.

Kestrel Building Products Brochure

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