Acryltex is an advanced acrylic coating designed for fast and effective repairs on various surfaces, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, and gutters.

Acryltex One coat roof repair systemThis innovative product contains fibres that provide extra strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting protection. Acryltex is ready to use straight out of the tin, requiring no mixing or catalysing, and it waterproofs instantly with just one coat.

Available in multiple colours, such as black and storm grey, Acryltex is ideal for maintenance work and can withstand rainfall immediately after application.

Whether you’re tackling small gaps or cracks, Acryltex offers a reliable solution for your repair needs.


  • Waterproofs instantly
  • Only one coat needed for fast repairs
  • Ready to use straight out of the tin – no catalysing or mixing components required
  • Contains fibres that provide extra strength for the coating and interlace to cover small gaps
  • Ideal for maintenance work
  • Now available in black
  • Rainfall after application has no adverse effect

Perfect for quick repairs on flat roofs, pitched roofs, and gutters. Appropriate for substrates such as weathered asphalt, bituminous surfaces, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt, and metal (both galvanised and ferrous).

Not suitable for timber surfaces, balconies/walkways, new/aged/plasticised PVC, or internal applications.

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