Storm Saver Rainwater Harvesting Kit

Storm Saver Rainwater Harvesting KitThe Rainwater harvesting kit works by taking the rain from roofs and filtering out leaves and debris, before storing the water underground in the main storage tank. The water is then pumped into the property to be used for non-drinking applications e.g. flushing toilets, washing machines and garden watering.

Water conservation is an issue facing all households, particularly in the South-East of England where there is less water available per person than in many Mediterranean countries. Increased water usage through kitchen appliances, power showers, garden sprinklers and hoses, power jet washers for patio and car cleaning, means that on average we each use 150 litres of clean treated mains water per day.


Why Choose a Storm Saver Rainwater Harvesting kit ?

With inflation busting annual water price increases, the need to recycle water is an economic necessity for many households particularly for large ones on water meters. Storm Saver enables the household to recycle water which can potentially reduce annual water bills by up to 50%. In addition, Storm Saver can form part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) for new build or retrofit developments and can contribute to surface water management and reducing flood risk.

Storm Saver Rainwater Harvesting Kit

Benefits of using a Storm Saver Rainwater Harvesting Kit

  • Uses over 75% less energy than other traditionally pumped Rainwater Harvesting systems, by using clever suction technology.
  • Low decibel rating.
  • Flow Rate of 10 litres per minute (same as mains pressure).
  • Compact control unit, which can easily fit into either a kitchen cupboard, or be located in a utility room or garage.
  • Cost effective solution to reuse rainwater effectively.
  • The shallow dig tank is robust and comes with all the necessary components such as integral filtration, overflow siphon and inlet calmer pre-fitted for ease of installation.
  • Ideal for new build properties and homes with up to 6 bedrooms.

StormSaver has been developed in accordance with BS8515:2009 for Rainwater Harvesting and the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS) Guidelines.

The Code for Sustainable Homes
The Code for Sustainable homes will see the biggest impact on current and future requirements for
rainwater harvesting. The code uses a 1 to 6 star rating system (1 = least sustainable and 6 = most sustainable) and sets minimum standards for energy and water use for each level, with the Storm Saver helping you to achieve levels 4 onwards.

Easy and Simple to Install
With Storm Saver’s intelligent low energy design, it could be powered via solar panels or wind turbines, therefore reducing both your water usage and carbon footprint.

Storm Saver is easy to install, simple to maintain and can reduce domestic consumption. The system has been developed to provide the home owner with a simple, yet effective automatic supply of harvested rainwater. During periods of low rainfall, if the tank should run empty, the system automatically switches to mains water supply.