Geo-Panel Interior Panelling

Transform your interior spaces with Geo-Panel, the stylish and modern PVC decorative panelling. Geo-Panel offers a cost-effective and practical alternative to traditional tiling, perfect for homeowners, builders, and commercial applications.

With its 100% waterproof design and hygienic surface, maintenance is a breeze. Installation is simple, with no specialist training required, and the panels come in a variety of widths and designs to suit any aesthetic.

Choose Geo-Panel for a seamless and sophisticated look that’s easy to maintain and fit.

Geo-panel interior panelling is a cost-effective and practical alternative to tiling and other conventional materials. It provides a smooth, decorative, waterproof wall covering for new and existing interior walls in homes and commercial applications.

Panelling made easy
This panelling is a range of PVC interior decorative panelling which provides home owners, installers, builders, local authorities and developers with a stylish, modern and convenient panelling system.

Easy to maintain

  • 100% waterproof PVC core
  • Hygienic wipe clean surface
  • No grouting to discolour
  • Excellent insulation and sound proofing properties

Easy to fit

  • Panels fit together with a waterproof tongue-and-groove joint
  • No drying time and grouting
  • Fix over existing surfaces, including tiles
  • No specialist training required
  • Range of PVC and Aluminium trims

Panelling comes in three different widths – 250mm, 700mm and 1m wide. The unique 1m width of the Wide panels ensures that they can be installed in a shower unit quicker and easier than any other panelling or tile product on the market today.

All ranges come in a large range of stylish designs and colours.

Geo-Panel Interior Panelling
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