Linear Dry Verge

The linear dry verge system provides a mechanically secured, dry fix solution for finishing the verge of a roof laid with a low profile covering such as fibre cement slates, natural slates, interlocking plain tiles and some large format flat concrete tiles.

The unique linear verge is Manthorpe’s innovative version of a continuous verge but unlike other continuous verge systems, ours is both quick and easy to install. The linear verge units are modular by design making them substantially more rigid and can be handled easily by one person.

The system fully complies to the requirements of BS 8612 and has also been independently wind tunnel tested. 

The linear dry verge fixing clip’s primary use is to provide a mounting point for the first verge unit at the eaves. It can
also be used to provide additional fixing points along the length verge.

The fixing clip can be nailed to an additional batten strip which is fixed to the underside of the verge. The lower end of the first verge unit is then clipped securely over the clip providing a strong fix to the eaves. For roofs where the bottom course tiles are tilted upwards, two fixing clips can be used to secure a cut section of linear verge unit to the verge, a third fixing clip should then be used to start the continuous run.

The ambidextrous design can be used on both the left and right hand verges and is completely concealed after installation of the system.

The linear dry verge unions are designed to cover over a joint where two linear verge units abut each other at a change of pitch. At this point the two units are not in line and unless cut precisely at the right angle, there will be a small gap between the two units.

This detail will most likely occur on roofs where the bottom course tiles are tilted upwards, GLV-FC fixing clips should be used to join the two linear verge units abutting at different angles, with the verge union used to mask the joint.

The verge union is available in slate grey, black, white, terracotta and dark brown to complement the full range of linear verge units and ridge end caps.

The linear dry verge eaves end are used to neatly finish and close the bottom section of the first linear verge unit down at eaves level. 

The eaves end is designed to slide into the end of the bottom Linear Dry Verge unit and should be secured in place using a suitable adhesive. 

The end closer units are made from robust PVCu and are available in a variety of colours to match the rest of the
components from the linear dry verge system.


Manthorpe Linear Dry Verge System

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