Composite Doors

Our composite Door Accreditations

This fusion of modern technology and a long standing reputation is firmly reflected in our composite door range, which combines 21st century manufacturing with age-old craftsmanship to provide the best looks and performance available. Every door can also be individualised with a variety of colour and glass options.



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The Contemporary Hardware Range on our Luxury Composite Doors

A front door speaks volumes about a property. Now you can make even more of a statement with our range of contemporary furniture suites which can transform a front door into a real property feature.

Choose from the Long Bar handle suite, the ultra-modern Square suite, the elegant Bow Handle suite, or the timeless Classic suite, available to order here now.

Contemporary Handle Ranges


Thirteen Colours for our Composite doors

The door can be as individual as you like. Three new door colours; Poppy Red, Duck Egg Blue and Black Brown, have added to our existing ten; White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak, Dark wood, Cream, Grey and Chartwell Green.

We also offer colour all round options, and 9 frame colours – white, mahogany, cherry wood, oak, white grain, brown–black, grey, cream and chartwell green – to compliment your new door colour. All of which can be configured with gold, chrome, black, white and contemporary hardware; it’s easy to see how there are over 900 billion types of door from Enterprise Building Products.

Thirteen Composite door colours


The all important edges

Our composite door edgesThe hinge edge of your door has a PVC edging.

Then we cut through the edging so that whichever hinge you selected sits neatly inside the edge of your door.

To make the door super-strong, the lock edge has been fitted with a full length of 4mm thick, powder coated aluminium lock strip. Then your preferred lock sits flush inside your door.


GRP skinned Composite Doors

To give great definition and long life performance Door-Stop doors use glass reinforced plastic skins. That’s the same material used to make the hulls of boats!

Our composite doors have tough, durable, waterproof GRP skins


Our composite doors are Reglazable

reglazableMaking a door to just hold the glass is easy. But have you ever thought about what happens if the glass unit breaks down in that composite door you fitted?

Our unique and patented glazing cassette can be removed from the inside to let you simply change the glass and reuse the cassette.

You won’t need a new door because it has been damaged whilst trying to follow impossible deglazing knacks and techniques!

All of our doors are reglazable except for FD30s Fire Doors.


Hardware on our Composite Doors

Choosing a Door-Stop door is about you choosing what you want. With the click of a button you can select from one of 3 entirely different lock and furniture suites.

Composite door hardware from Enterprise Building Products


Energy efficient Composite Doors

Our composite doors are Energy efficientAll of our doors exceed the current Building Regulations for energy efficiency, which came into force in October 2010, covering front doors for the first time.

Under the legislation, all new doors sold and fitted in England and Wales must have a U-value of 1.8W/m2K (1.6W/m2K in Scotland) or less.

The door’s U-value is a measure of its energy efficiency, and the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the door.

Choosing thermal glass on Door-Stop doors makes them even more energy efficient, with an ultimate U-value of just 1 W/m2K.

Many manufacturers of doors made of timber, aluminium or PVC panels may struggle to meet the 1.8W/m2K requirement and many do not provide proof, although there are likely to be further energy efficiency revisions in upcoming legislation in 2016.


Our Composite Doors come with matching Side panels

sidepanelsOur new GRP side panel gives loads of choice.

You can choose from 7 different designs, in 10 colours, with dozens of glass options – but, uniquely you can have a choice of width.

All of which can carry the letterbox.

All this may sound simple, but only with our doors!



Ultion Secure Guarantee

Upgrade the lock on your door to The Ultion Lock to benefit from the Ultion Secure Guranatee.

The Ultion Snap Guarantee is valid for 10 years from the point of installation. Should a burglary take place within this time and entry was achieved by snapping an Ultion lock we will pay you £1000. To validate your guarantee just complete the registration within 28 days of installation, we will email confirmation of receipt.




Only use genuine Ultion keys. Should you need to make a claim please complete and return the claim form with the snapped lock to Brisant-Secure Ltd, 118 Bradford Road, Dewsbury WF13 2EW within 14 days of the incident.

Maintenance guidelines

To maintain the smooth operation, performance and guarantee of your Ultion lock it only needs lubricating every 6 months with our specially engineered lubricant. Using oils or WD40 will damage the lock and will cancel the guarantee.

The moment that Ultion detects forced entry it activates an attack lock directly into the central cam, this is ‘Lock Down Mode’. Even if the most determined intruder gets past Ultion’s two sacrificial sections he won’t get to the attack lock because it is protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. When Ultion is in Lock-down Mode your home and family are safe.

The guarantee is FREE and remains in place for 10 years from the date of installation regardless of whether the property has changed hands.

What does the homeowner need to do?

To Register

After installation of the door, register it with us using the information in the homeowner pack included with the door.

To Claim

In the unlikely event they have a break-in because the door lock has been broken, complete a claim form with their crime reference number and we’ll begin the process of replacing the door.