Elevate Lantern Roof

The unique, elegantly designed Elevate lantern roof inspires the senses with slim sight lines and a sleek transition of roof bars. An effortless option, Elevate is simple to order and easy to install. It’s available in kit format, which is handy for installers because it provides everything needed to get the job done. The new, modern construction style is innovative and thermally efficient, whilst giving an unobstructed view and flooding an Elevate lantern roof with natural light.

  • The Elevate Lantern roof is made to order and delivered to site within a maximum of 7 working days.
  • Kit sizes available up to a maximum of 2.4m x 5.4m
  • Beautifully designed, Elevate features slim sight lines and a sleek transition of roof bars, allowing in more light for an unobstructed view.
  • Elevate also includes Liniar’s patented weather dam to protect against the elements.
  • Liniar’s EnergyPlus twin walled top caps are included with every Elevate kit, ensuring a strong and robust fit, and the ultimate thermal efficiency.
  • Foiled roofs are supplied with fully foiled components, including top and end caps – giving an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • As you would expect, Elevate features Liniar’s existing conservatory roof innovations such as the patented Glazing Stop system to avoid slippage.
  • 36 colour combinations available in just 7 working days
  • Choose from glazed or unglazed lanterns for the ultimate flexibility
  • British made, Elevate is covered by the Liniar 10-year guarantee and supported by a team with more than 500 years’ experience of fenestration technology.

Elevate kits boast Liniar’s Energy Plus twin walled caps as standard, providing additional thermal efficiency, as well as a strong, robust fit and finish. Utilising Liniar’s patented features, including a weather dam and Glazing Stop, installers can rest assured the product is designed to avoid glass slippage and will stand up to the test of even the most inclement weather.

Bespoke Elevate kits are available in 36 colour combinations and delivered within seven working days, with more colour options available on longer lead times. Each coloured kit comes fully foiled, including the top and end caps, offering a smooth, seamless finish.