Land Drainage

Land Drainage Pipes: Efficient Water Management Solutions

Welcome to our comprehensive range of land drainage pipes designed to tackle excess water effectively. Whether you’re dealing with soggy fields, flood-prone areas, or flat land, our pipes provide reliable solutions.

  • Ideal for collecting surface water in fields, car parks, and plains.
  • Allow water to flow steadily into natural watercourses or soakaways.
  • Available in various coil sizes.

Contemporary systems often employ rigid or flexible plastic pipes that are perforated, nestled within pea gravel. This gravel consists of smooth, pea-sized stones that prevent pipe damage. To prevent silt infiltration, geotextile fabric may encase the gravel.

Land drainage serves to eliminate surplus water from fields, gardens, or any area where excess water poses an issue.

The perforations allow seeping water to ingress the pipe, capillary action then maintains the water within the pipe allowing it to flow to its destination i.e. Storm water Attenuation Tanks, also known as Modular Plastic Geo Cellular Units (egg crates) or a watercourse (stream, lake etc. ).

Land Drainage

Land Drainage Features

  • Perforated and coiled pipe is manufactured in HDPE.
  • Normally used in agriculture and in building construction sites.
  • Particularly beneficial in areas with heavy ground conditions i.e. clay.
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure.
Land Drain Coils
80mm x 25m
100mm x 25m
Land Drain Branch
Branch 80/100mm
Land Drain Coupling
Coupling 80mm / 100mm