Due to ever increasing environmental issues, caused mainly by development, flooding is becoming an ever present risk.

The AquaCrate soak-away system, prevents extreme peak flow to main drainage and water purification systems.

The system decreases the inconvenience of flooding during heavy rainfall and rainwater is “cleaned” by the geotextile surround.

As well as attenuation, the AquaCrate can also be used for grey-water storage.

Why AquaCrate?

Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, AquaCrate is manufactured from recycled strong co-polymer polypropylene.

A robust yet lightweight soak-away solution that gives the product a long life as well as making yours easier when it comes to installation.

Tanks utilize 1m x1m x 0.4 crates and would require 750mm of cover for traffic or 500mm for non-traffic use. Each crate is 0.4 m³ with an approx. 95% void ratio giving a holding capacity of 0.38 m³.

Each m³ will comprise approx. 2.5 crates and equates to approx. 950 litres of storage (@95% void).

SA2400 Aquacrate400 – Load Rating (Tonne / m2) – 20 
SA2410 Aquacrate410 – Load Rating (Tonne / m2) – 30 
SA2440 Aquacrate440 – Load Rating (Tonne / m2) – 50 
SA2450 Aquacrate450 – Load Rating (Tonne / m2) – 60 
SA2414 Aquacrate414 – Load Rating (Tonne / m2) – 30 with Lateral Reinforcing 
SA2454 Aquacrate454 – Load Rating (Tonne / m2) – 60 with Lateral Reinforcing

These crates are assembled ready to install with up to 83m³ on a full load, available in different configurations to meet specific load requirements compatible with HGV traffic. Simple and fast to install with 2.5 unit/m³ (1m x 1m x 0.4m) approx. 20kg each making for easier handling.

Highly Versatile System

Aquacrate is suitable for landscaped and car park areas as well as heavier duty use. As a guide, units require a minimum 0.5m of cover in landscaped areas and 0.75m cover in vehicular areas and need 75mm sharp sand base. Without full knowledge of the depth of cover, top surface cover, total depth of tank, type of ground (cohesive or granular) and the typical loading traffic and any worst case loading in the area we cannot recommend which crate to use.



We always try to use the most economical method of carriage which is usually a Tautliner which could hold a max load of 208 crates, Site access with contact details and offloading with forked machinery is required. The cost of delivery will vary with each job dependent on number of crates ordered and delivery location.

Download Aquacrate Literature

Download Aquacrate data sheet.