Universal Dry Verge

Dry Verge System

Dry Verge Units

The Ultimate universal, high speed, high quality easy install dry verge.

Left and right handed units are no longer required as Easy Verge U is truly universal. The unique design is quick and easy to install on any tile type and has exceptional holding qualities.

A tight secure fit is easily achieved ensuring roof tiles are held firmly in place and not vulnerable to wind dislodgement.

Available in Grey and Brown


Dry Verge Ridge Caps

Dry Verge System

Our high quality, UV stable angled and half round ridge caps incorporate unique and innovative Flap Cap Technology.

Flexible flaps contour around the sides of the Easy Verge U system effectively creating a ‘sealed’ unit that prevents water ingress and infestation.

Available in Grey and Brown to match our dry ridge.



Dry Verge System Starter

Dry Verge End Closure and Blanking Caps

Our unique starter unit includes a verge-end closure and a blanking cap to ensure a secure, infestation free and aesthetically pleasing finish.

For use in both new build and refurbishment application, the unit is UV stable and comes in all colours.

Pack contains 2 starter/end caps & 2 blanking plates.

Available in Grey and Brown.