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Agate Grey Foiled Fascia & Accessories Now also IN STOCK

Enterprise are Registered stockists of Freefoam ProductsEnterprise Building Products have created a one stop shop for all of your roof line needs, a single base for Fascia, Soffit and guttering whatever your requirements. We stock a huge array of Roofline Plastics in many styles and colours to ensure that you get the products when YOU need them.

We offer a wide range of Freefoam fascia in a choice of styles, sizes and colours to suit any building design and to improve the appearance of any facade.

Whether for new-build or renovation, customers have a choice of plain fascia, ogee fascia, square leg fascia, round nose fascia, and flat fascia boards.

The Fascia products are available in thicknesses of 10mm and 18mm, to meet the needs of every application.

All fascia systems come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, and a selection of roofline accessories to add that finishing touch to any property.

In addition to the 3 popular decor mouldings (ogee, plain-open and plain-closed), we also offer 2 new scalloped decorative fascias in convex and concave styles for quick, easy and stylish applications.

Frrefoam Foiled Fascia and Colormax Fascia

Freefoam Roofline Fascia system

Freefoam Building Products Fascia, Soffit Guttering
The Freefoam roofline system is a fully integrated fascia and soffit system providing specifiers and installers with an environmentally friendly low maintenance solution for their renovation, full replacement and New Build project needs. The system incorporates a range of fascia/reveal liners, full replacement and New Build fascia, as well as hollow and solid soffit, with full portfolio of accompanying trims and ventilation products.

Freefoam products add style and definition to domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, and are available in a wide variety of profiles and colours to suit all applications.
A stylish and cost effective alternative to traditional timber and aluminium, Freefoam also produce a range of PVC-UE cladding systems, together with a comprehensive rainwater system, to accompany the roofline range (see other relevant Freefoam documentation for full details of cladding and rainwater products). All products are lead-free, come in a range of colours and profiles, and are backed by the industry-leading Freefoam guarantee on performance and colourfastness.

FW - Cap Over Fascia Range

FMS - Full Replacement Fascia Range

FMF - Replacement Flat Fascia Range

FO - Cap Over Ogee Fascia - Full Replacement Fascia Also Available

FMO - Scalloped Fascia and Mouldings


Composition and Manufacture

LEAD FREE FasciaFreefoam products are 100% lead-free and manufactured using an advanced environmentally friendly formulation for long life colour and maximum performance.
The two-part co-extrusion process yields boards made of a cellular foam core (PVC-UE) with a top coating of rigid PVC to give its smooth, protective and hard wearing skin.

The material is lightweight and can be worked in the same way as timber, having similar regard for safety and application issues.


Advantages of Freefoam PVC Products

  • Low maintenance
  • Choice of colour, style and finish
  • Lead-free environmentally friendly solution
  • Will not warp, crack, discolour or blister
  • Light weight and easy to work with
  • Traditional installation methods and tools
  • Compatible with other building products
  • Complies with relevant European and BS standards
  • Tested fire resistance properties
  • Extensive product guarantees
  • Resistant to normal levels of acids, alkalies, weather and other pollutants present in the atmosphere


50 Year Extended Guarantee*

LIFETIME FASCIA GUARANTEE LOGO - 2012Due to its leading-edge technology, Freefoam can offer a ground breaking 50 year extended transferable guarantee on all white* products, and a 10 year transferable guarantee on all coloured* and foiled woodgrain* products. The 50 year extended guarantee is backed by Freefoam’s environmentally friendly, lead free formulation and subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

The 10 year colour guarantee is backed by Freefoam’s innovative Colormax® technology which provides ground-breaking colourfastness, colour variety and colour matching. By using a proprietary formulation that contains a unique selection of stabilisers and pigments specially chosen for their high colourfastness properties, Freefoam can confidently offer a wide range of fascia and soffit colours.

The 10 year foiled woodgrain Fascia and soffit guarantee is backed by market leading Renolit EXOFOL MX foil incorporating its Solar Shield Technology (SST). SST offers built-in sun reflection which reduces heat absorption, thus minimising profile temperature and expansion. Guarantee certificates are now available on all of the above products through Freefoam’s online guarantee registration system.

Customers not availing of the online registration system to obtain a certificate will qualify for the standard 20 year guarantee on all white products. All guarantees are subject to terms and conditions as outlined on the Freefoam website (www.myfreefoam.com).

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