Glazing Bars

Our high-quality glazing bars are designed to enhance your lean-to structures,

providing optimal natural light and a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.

Whether you’re creating a cosy sunroom, a greenhouse, or a covered walkway, our glazing bars offer durability, style, and functionality.

Explore our range of lean-to glazing bars and elevate your architectural projects. Let the sunlight in and transform your space with Lean-to Glazing Bars!


Self Supporting Roof System Glazing Bars

A professionally engineered Lean-To system consists of four main components: the Wall Plate, Edge Bar, Intermediate Bar, and Eaves Beam, available in both white and brown.

The bars and system can accommodate polycarbonate or glass units ranging in thickness from 16 mm to 35 mm. Please specify the use of glass at the time of ordering, so we can provide the necessary glass locks and related components.

Self-Supporting Glazing System


Timber & Steel Supported Snap-down system

For simple mono pitch roofs such as car ports – porches – gazebos the Snap-down glazing bar range is a cost effective solution. Available in white and brown the three position cap system caters for 10 mm – 16 mm and 25 mm polycarbonate. A separate bar is available for 25-35 mm polycarbonate applications.

 Rafter supported Glazing system

Exitex Capex Aluminium Glazing System

For more complicated roof designs the Exitex Capex range is the choice of the professional used in most high end timber conservatory installations.

This is a comprehensive system that can over come most design challenges.

Capex 40 and Capex 60

Capex 50 and Capex 70

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