Sweet Door Furniture

Sweet Door Furniture – with the unique 20 Year Guarantee

Sweet door furniture is a truly suited range of door furniture that is a game-changer for the entrance door market. It has a unique, registered curved design and unrivalled longevity and includes handles, knockers, letter plates, escutcheons, and numerals. Ideally complemented with our range of Ultion Locks.

Benefits of Sweet Door Furniture

Suited door furniture has long been a headline requirement for door buyers, yet in most instances, the term ‘suited’ extends little further than colour, with no design compatibility between components. Bringing Brisant’s curved design concept into the handle, knocker, letter plate, escutcheons, and even numerals. This gives the door a genuinely coordinated appearance with curve appeal. 

Sweet Door Furniture

Every Sweet element is manufactured to a specification that boasts 8,000+ hours in a salt spray chamber. 34 times longer than the 240-hour accreditation requirement and eight times that claimed by stainless steel systems.


Sweet Door Furniture

Based on independently tested performance, the Sweet 20-year anti-corrosion warranty is a guaranteed expectation of life-span. This is not a period of time that the installer is expected to supply replacements for.

Sweet furniture now available in Rose Gold

To reinforce this confidence, Brisant are relieving the installer from tiresome ‘pitting’ furniture issues by giving a direct-to-consumer warranty, with a simple and quick online activation system.