Steel Gutter Systems

Button-Lindab-RainwaterLindab’s Rainwater system is available in eleven distinct colours. Mixing and matching these is easy. Either discreetly complementing the overall colour scheme of the house, or boldly creating accents of colour for your steel gutter.

Why not choose dark red drainpipes for a white stucco facade? Or mount exclusive copper metallic pipes on a grey stonewall. Or why not mix tile red gutters with white pipes to match the respective colours of roof and woodwork?

Any facelift is possible. The choice is yours.

lindab system

Lindab Rainline is the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation.

It has been developed by professionals for professionals. And, over time, it has become their top choice. Not least because Lindab Rainline’s hard wearing properties ensure decades of performance without rusting or leaking.

Lindab steel gutter Colour RangeStrong as steel – Steel is strong, versatile and durable, but it needs to be processed professionally. Lindab buys more than 200,000 tonnes of sheet steel every year (equivalent to what is needed to manufacture approximately half a million cars). So we know what we are doing.

Steel made to last – Steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. It is lighter than cast iron, offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which moves, cracks and leaks) and is inexpensive compared to cast aluminium.

Galvanized steel sheeting – To provide durable rust proofing the steel gutter is coated with 275g zinc per m2 . The galvanized coating is naturally self-healing, any scratch or cut being automatically sealed by zinc ions, which wander to recoat the uncovered steel.

Thanks to its smart design, Lindab Rainline has become the preferred roof drainage system for many tinsmiths. Its unique hand-in-glove fit and overall quality guarantee quick installation and high functionality for decades to come.

With gutters and downpipes in several dimensions and an extensive range of components, the system offers solutions for any type of building, large or small, classic or contemporary. In fact, once a Lindab Rainline system has been mounted, there will be no reason to replace it – unless you want to facelift your house with a new colour.

Superior snap-in fitting –  Every component of the Lindab Rainline system has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and smallest tolerances. The result is a system where every part snaps into the next to give a perfect fit.copper gutters - steel gutter

Complies with existing standards – Lindab Rainline is the result of long experience gained by tinsmiths and craftsmen in numerous countries. It complies with existing European standards.

Good advice for architects and engineers – Along with the hardware components, Lindab Rainline offers an abundance of documentation, advice and software tools for installers as well as architects, engineers and consultants. Make it your steel gutter of choice.

Full details of the Lindab range of products can be found by clicking here.