Liniar Plastic Piling

Liniar plastic piling is generally produced in grey from 100% recycled uPVC materials, but it can also be made in a variety of colours to suit individual requirements (subject to minimum order quantities) and offers a cost effective alternative to the more traditional steel, timber or concrete piling. Colour will evolve naturally over 6-8 weeks before setting to it’s final state. This can be treated with a water-based stain.

Liniar’s plastic piling has a number of benefits over traditional steel, timber or concrete piling; mainly cost, durability, ease of handling and environment.

Benefits to the range of Liniar plastic piling:

  • Does not rot or rust
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Has no risk of sparking
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Maintains its original appearance over time
  • Not affected by salt water
  • Resistant to the majority of chemicals
  • Liniar Log Pile is available with a wood composite fascia – a hard engineering solution with a soft engineering appearance
  • Can be easily cut or bored
  • Maintenance free
  • Has a clean, consistent appearance
  • Has the ability to create curved walls
  • 90° corner pile is available
  • Resistant to rodent and marine borer attack
  • Resistant to the majority of chemicals
  • Lighter than steel, so easier to transport and handle

Liniar plastic piling is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of applications across different industry sectors:

  • Riverbank, stream, pond, lake and reservoir bank retention and restoration
  • Fishing lake and fish farm bank reinforcement
  • Inland marina and waterway walls and banks
  • Creating well defined drainage culverts and channels for agricultural land and house/urban development
  • Blocking of ditches on peat bogs and other nature reserve situations
  • General bank retention
  • Trench shoring
  • Permanent shuttering/land remediation cut-off walls
  • Highway applications
  • Non-piling applications, including soil boxes, railway ballast retention and compost containers

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