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Durasid Cladding

“DURASID®” is a complete cladding system that can be used for new buildings and renovation : it is ideal for applications in housing, static park homes and industrial buildings. The core is made out of cellular PVC-U with a co-extruded top layer. The system is an aesthetic alternative for traditional claddings.

The product offers a hard wearing, tough solution to cladding the façades of buildings whilst maintaining that natural timber feel. Where as some claddings can be damaged easily by the slightest of knocks, the Durasid sidings are robust and are able to withstand everyday knocks and bumps.

We have a range of natural looking colours that have colour matched UPVC trims to give your job that professional finished look.

Durasid Easylasting Sidings


SIDINGS 167 mm and 333 mm

The sidings come with an embossed wood grain finish that combines the benefits of wood and UPVC, this means the attractive look of wood and the friendly maintenance of UPVC. The single board is a typical siding model and the double shiplap guarantees an even faster installation. They are available in different colours so that they can be combined perfectly with other claddings and building elements.

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Durasid Easy Lasting Sidings Durasid Easy Lasting Sidings Durasid Easy Lasting Sidings Durasid Easy Lasting Sidings Durasid Easy Lasting Sidings

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